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VS Athletics Sales Rep

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VS Athletics Sales Rep.

I am excited to announce that I have become a VS Athletic distributor. If your team is looking for 
new uniforms, track equipment or shoes we can help you out at substantial discounts. If there is anything
you need for your upcoming track season please feel free to go to the VS Athletics website
and look for the items you need and send me your list. I will send you your pricing with your discounts applied.
The easiest way to get me your list is to add items to the cart then email the cart with the @email My Cart button
found on that page (attached picture below shows you what the email button is).  When the popup comes up just
put your full name in the name box and then add my email address ( and then also place
a comma and then your email address so that we can both have a copy of what you would like to get pricing on.



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