Upcoming Schedule If possible
If (A BIG IF) Ohio goes back to school per Governor on May 4th here is the schedule we will follow along with meets on our schedule.



Non-Interscholastic Date

May 4

Acclimation Period

May 4-8

Season Begins

May 9

Tournament Entry/Withdrawal

May 25

Tournament Entry/Withdraw w/penalty

May 26-29

Tournament Draw/Coaches Meeting

May 31

District Tournament

June 9-13

Regional Tournament

June 17-20

State Tournament

June 26-27

Season Concludes

June 27

 Woodward High School Invitational Sat. 5/9/2020
 Minster Memorial High School Invitational Sat. 5/9/2020
 Springfield HS Meet Sat. 5/9/2020
 Vandalia Butler Invitational Sat. 5/9/2020
 Monroe HS Invitational Mon. 5/11/2020
 North College Hill Trojan Track JH Invitational Mon. 5/11/2020
 Northwestern MS/HS Combined Quad #3 Mon. 5/11/2020
 Shawnee MS Tri Meet Mon. 5/11/2020
 South Vienna MS Quad #3 Mon. 5/11/2020
 West Carrolton MS Graban Relays Mon. 5/11/2020
 Colerain Invitational Tue. 5/12/2020
 43rd Bellbrook Relays Tue. 5/12/2020
 Ben Logan HS Quad #1 - ENTRIES ONLY Tue. 5/12/2020
 Greenon HS Invitational Tue. 5/12/2020
 Logan County HS Championships - ENTRIES ONLY Tue. 5/12/2020
 Miami County Championship Tue. 5/12/2020
 Northeastern HS Quad #2 Tue. 5/12/2020
 Lakota West Invitational Wed. 5/13/2020
 Norwood MS Invitational Wed. 5/13/2020
 Shawnee Middle School Invitational Wed. 5/13/2020
 Springboro Invitational Wed. 5/13/2020
 Stebbins Quad #1 Wed. 5/13/2020
 Wayne MS Invitational Wed. 5/13/2020
 Anderson Invitational Thu. 5/14/2020
 Mariemont Middle School Invitational Thu. 5/14/2020
 Greene County Championships Thu. 5/14/2020
 Miami East Middle School Invitational Thu. 5/14/2020
 Riverside MS Meet Thu. 5/14/2020
 Troy MS Relays Thu. 5/14/2020
 Sycamore Golden Baton Relays Fri. 5/15/2020
 Mechanicsburg MS Invitational - ENTRIES ONLY Fri. 5/15/2020
 Miamisburg Invitational Fri. 5/15/2020
 Downtown Go Around Sat. 5/16/2020
 Lakota East "Jason Lindsey Invitational" Sat. 5/16/2020
 Beavercreek MS Invitational Sat. 5/16/2020
 Milton Union Bulldog Track Classic Sat. 5/16/2020
 Tippecanoe High School Invitational Sat. 5/16/2020
 Blanchester High School Invitational Mon. 5/18/2020
 Champaign County HS Championship Mon. 5/18/2020
 Clark County Middle School Championships Mon. 5/18/2020
 Sidney Middle School Invitational Mon. 5/18/2020
 Stebbins HS/MS Quad Mon. 5/18/2020
 Little Miami MS Invitational Tue. 5/19/2020
 Williamsburg Invitational Tue. 5/19/2020
 Bellbrook MS Invitational Tue. 5/19/2020
 Champaign MS County Championships - ENTRIES ONLY Tue. 5/19/2020
 Clark County HS Championships Tue. 5/19/2020
 Miami East MS Quad - ENTRIES ONLY Tue. 5/19/2020
 Milford Invitational Wed. 5/20/2020
 Taylor High School Invitational Wed. 5/20/2020
 Beavercreek JV invitational Wed. 5/20/2020
 Fairborn Rex Aukerman Classic Relays Wed. 5/20/2020
 Greeneview HS Invite Wed. 5/20/2020
 Miami East HS Quad - Entries Only Wed. 5/20/2020
 Blanchester Middle School Invitational Thu. 5/21/2020
 Little Miami Invitational Thu. 5/21/2020
 Graham Middle School Invitational Thu. 5/21/2020
 Northeastern Middle School Invitational Thu. 5/21/2020
 Wayne Invitational Thu. 5/21/2020
 Loveland Invitational Fri. 5/22/2020
 Ben Logan Raider Invitational Fri. 5/22/2020
 Mechanicsburg HS Relays - ENTRIES ONLY Fri. 5/22/2020
 Harrison Middle School Wildcats Invitational Sat. 5/23/2020
 Seven Hills HS/MS Invitational Sat. 5/23/2020
 Tom Swaim Relays (MS) Sat. 5/23/2020
 West Liberty Salem - BOSS MS Invitational - ENTRIES ONLY Sat. 5/23/2020
 ECC MS League Championships Mon. 5/25/2020
 Dale Van Tine Jr High Classic Mon. 5/25/2020
 Miamisburg / Springboro Dual Meet Mon. 5/25/2020
 Northwestern HS/MS quad Mon. 5/25/2020
 Piqua JH Tri-Meet Mon. 5/25/2020
 Blue Heaven Invitational Tue. 5/26/2020
 SWOC Middle School Championships Tue. 5/26/2020
 Carroll HS Dual Meet Tue. 5/26/2020
 Graham High School Quad Tue. 5/26/2020
 Miller-Shilke Invitational Tue. 5/26/2020
 Tippecanoe / Milton Union Dual ***ENTRIES ONLY*** Tue. 5/26/2020
 Troy vs. Greenville HS / MSDual Tue. 5/26/2020
 Lebanon Warrior Invitational Wed. 5/27/2020
 Mariemont Invitational Wed. 5/27/2020
 Ben Logan Middle School Quad #3 - ENTRIES ONLY Wed. 5/27/2020
 Greater Western Ohio Conference Middle School Championship Wed. 5/27/2020
 John Gudgel MS Invitational - ENTRIES ONLY Wed. 5/27/2020
 Piqua HS Tri Meet Wed. 5/27/2020
 Relay for Life - Warrior/Elk Dual Wed. 5/27/2020
 Firebird Invitational Thu. 5/28/2020
 Miami Trace Invitational Thu. 5/28/2020
 Miami Valley League MS Championships Thu. 5/28/2020
 Milford MS Invitational Fri. 5/29/2020
 Indian Lake Laker Invitational Fri. 5/29/2020
 Mason Rod Russell Invitational Fri. 5/29/2020
 Northeastern Invitational Fri. 5/29/2020
 West Liberty Salem - Reliant Tiger Invitational - ENTRIES ONLY Fri. 5/29/2020
 Yellow Springs Bulldog HS Invitational - ENTRIES ONLY Fri. 5/29/2020
 Metro Buckeye Conference HS/MS Championships Sat. 5/30/2020
 Ohio Heritage Conference MS Championship Sat. 5/30/2020
 CMAC HS League Championship Mon. 6/1/2020
 GMC JV Championships Mon. 6/1/2020
 Central Buckeye Conference MS Championships Mon. 6/1/2020
 Ohio Heritage Conference HS Championship Mon. 6/1/2020
 Wayne MS LAST CHANCE Invitational Mon. 6/1/2020
 CHL Middle School Championships Tue. 6/2/2020
 SWOC Championships Tue. 6/2/2020
 Central Buckeye Conference HS Championships Tue. 6/2/2020
 Dayton City School Championships Tue. 6/2/2020
 CMAC MS League Championship Wed. 6/3/2020
 ECC League Championship Wed. 6/3/2020
 Greater Miami Conference Championships Wed. 6/3/2020
 Greater Western Ohio Conference Championship Wed. 6/3/2020
 CHL Championships Thu. 6/4/2020
 Miami Valley League Championship Thu. 6/4/2020
 Southwestern Buckeye League Championship Thu. 6/4/2020
 OHSAA Div II Districts - Southeast - Washington Court House Tue. 6/9/2020
 OHSAA Div III Districts - Southwest - Milton Union Tue. 6/9/2020
 OHSAA Div III Districts - Southwest - Piqua Tue. 6/9/2020
 OHSAA Div I Districts - Southwest - Bellbrook Wed. 6/10/2020
 OHSAA Div I Districts - Southwest - Mason Wed. 6/10/2020
 OHSAA Div I Districts - Southwest - Troy Wed. 6/10/2020
 OHSAA Div II Districts - Southwest - Graham Thu. 6/11/2020
 OHSAA Div II Districts - Southwest - Piqua Thu. 6/11/2020
 OHSAA Div I Regional - Wayne Wed. 6/17/2020
 OHSAA Div III Regional - Massillon Perry Wed. 6/17/2020
 OHSAA Div III Regional - Troy Wed. 6/17/2020
 OHSAA Div II Regional - Lexington Thu. 6/18/2020
 OHSAA Div II Regional - Piqua Thu. 6/18/2020
 OHSAA State Track & Field Championships Fri. 6/26/2020
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New Sponsor

We would like to welcome Milesplit  as one of our new sponsors.  What this means for you as coaches, parents, athletes, and fans.  We will be working with Milesplit to get our results onto their site and into rankings quicker.  
For coaches it also means we will be using Milesplit online entry system for all of our meets.  
We will still be using our live results at all meets and this will be the place to see results for the first 24-48 hours after a meet then they will be uploaded to Milesplit to insert into the rankings.
Posted: Nov 26, 2019   Last Updated: Mar 13, 2020
Posted: Aug 16, 2018   Last Updated: Nov 20, 2019
Upcoming Meets
  Outdoor Track
Preble Shawnee MS Invitational
Apr 10, 2020
Troy Herb Hartman Invitational
Apr 10, 2020
Cedarville Impsom Invitational
Apr 11, 2020
Tipp City Middle School Invitational
Apr 11, 2020
Walsh University Invitational
Apr 11, 2020
North College Hill Marvin Kolodzik Invitational
Apr 13, 2020
West Carrolton Bogan Relays
Apr 13, 2020
Ohio Heritage Conference South HS Meet
Apr 13, 2020
Yellow Springs MS Quad - ENTRIES ONLY
Apr 14, 2020
Indian Hill Relays
Apr 14, 2020

Latest Results
Shawnee Seitz Memorial
Apr 09, 2020
Miami East High School Invitational
Apr 09, 2020
Mechanicsburg MS Invitational - ENTRIES ONLY
Apr 09, 2020
Clash of the Titans "North vs South"
Apr 09, 2020
South Vienna MS Quad #2
Apr 09, 2020
Northwestern HS/MS Combined
Apr 08, 2020
Ben Logan Middle School Quad #2 - ENTRIES ONLY
Apr 08, 2020
Madeira Inviational
Apr 08, 2020
Piqua / Sidney Duals HS/MS
Apr 08, 2020
Southeastern HS Quad
Apr 08, 2020

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